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Email Solutions

At Site4 we can provide your business with email accounts and the necessary email software / email server to meet your company's business requirements.

If you have a website we can arrange to forward all mail received on your website to designated email accounts.


We can also set up e-groups for you and any of your business contacts so that you can communicate efficiently and effectively in a closed group.

Emailing lists and management systems

Email marketing is a fast growing marketing tool. We can provide emailing lists and management systems so you can email your customers with offers or suppliers with your regular orders, or run a members' mailing list that all members can post messages to. All lists come with full management and opt-out facilities! Remember, though, that sending unsolicited emails is regarded as "spam" and is usually a breach of your hosting Ts & Cs. Ask us - we can explain all the do's and dont's and help with your campaigns.

Anti-virus software

We can also help you set up vital anti-virus and trojan protection to protect your business data and anti-spam software to keep your mailbox from overflowing! If it is already to late for prevention this time round, we are experienced in tidying up after an outbreak of virii and will be more than happy to help get things back to normal for you.

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