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Search Engine Optimisation Service

It is all well and good having an all singing and all dancing website but if no one can find it, it will be of little use to your company. At Site4 we design our sites to work for you as well as to look good.

We plan our web designs with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind to help with your website marketing. As such our design planning includes identifying early on what keywords you would like your company's site to be found under when searched for in the search engines, directories and on social media websites adding any necessary coding.

This allows us to incorporate the right wording and planning into the site design from the outset. We will submit your site to the main search engines once it is live on the internet. We can also assist with setting up blogs, mailing lists and appropriate social media feeds to help promote your business and advise you how to link up your online and traditional marketing.

Get crawled, get indexed, get ranked.

Once your site is live on the internet as part of our site design we include an initial search engine submission to the main search engines including the giant that is Google.

If you choose to take up our site search engine optimisation service we will monitor your search engine rankings on a regular basis and when necessary make minor alterations to your site. Why? To help your website gain new and higher rankings, and also keep any search engine rankings already achieved as the world of search engine optimisation is one of change. We will also supply you with regular reports on how your website is ranking on the main search engines.

By hosting your website with us we will provide you with site statistics that include valuable search and traffic information to help with your website promotion.

Working together to maximise your business returns.

Over time we will also work together with you to change your site to meet your ongoing requirements as your business as a result of new products and services, changes in what your customers are looking for etc. and external changes in the search engine world. Even if your business hasn't changed for a few months your competitors will be making changes to their marketing and that will impact on your visibility online so you need to be making regular changes online as well to keep ahead of the competition.

As part of our search engine optimisation service we will advise you on the thorny issue of getting other sites to link to yours to assist you in gaining top search engine positions and more exposure without driving visitors away or getting your site blacklisted.

Paid Directories and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

We can also submit sites to directories and search engines that charge for submissions and also run or assist with pay per click campaigns (PPC) for you - including Google AdWords.

We can also help with setting up Froogle and other feeds to maximise your site's visibility.

Site4 also offer a search engine optimisation service for existing sites. We can recommend any design and content changes that may be required to your site to assist with optimising its search engine positions and directory entries, and in turn translating these into site visitors and ultimately sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We can also provide help with email marketing campaigns. We recommend using Swiftpage email marketing and can set it up and customise templates for you and can train you how to do future mailshots yourself or provide assistance on an ongoing basis.

Social Media

We can assist with setting up social media feeds for you including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and more so that you can interact with your customers to help promote your business on the internet.

We've been helping other UK businesses since 1999.

We have an enviable track record in gaining and maintaining top 30 search engine positions. To date our clients have had orders and enquiries of all sizes from all over the UK and abroad including France, Germany, Finland, Poland, the US, South Africa, the Falkland Islands, St. Lucia, Australia, Venezuela, Russia and China as a direct result of our search engine optimisation work.

By using our search engine optimisation and wider business expertise you'd be surprised how much you can increase your business turnover and profits.

Website marketing isn't easy. We have experience and we get results. Let us help you.

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